Yoga Studio in Shibuya, English available

How has New York Style YOGA started?

When I was staying in New York for six months in 2013, I had been doing yoga literally all the day from morning until night. I explored throughout Manhattan to find attractive yoga studios and yoga teachers. I was really crazy about YOGA in New York. When I was back to Tokyo, I started “New York Style Yoga” which is a vinyasa yoga with very flowy and active yoga movements. (日本語下に続きます)

Mika who is a yoga teacher and a founder of New York Style YOGA. Based in Tokyo speaking English, leading bilingual group yoga classes in Shibuya
At New York Public Library Main Branch in 2015 / ニューヨーク公共図書館本館

2013年に、ニューヨークで半年間過ごしていた時、文字通り1日中、マンハッタンのヨガスタジオで朝から晩までヨガをしていました。ニューヨークのヨガに本当に夢中でした。日本に戻ったとき、流れるようにアクティブに動くヴィンヤサヨガ “New York Style YOGA”を始めました。

5min from Shibuya sta.

yoga students sitting in the yoga studio

The studio is just 5min walk from Shibuya station which is the busiest downtown district in Tokyo. Not actual yoga studio. Renting the studio for every Saturday morning group class.

All yoga lovers

The black board written about Karma yoga

Common traits of participants of New York Style Yoga class is that they challenge themselves and like moving actively with unique and burning vinyasa yoga sequences.

Weekly 4 class themes

Yoga pose called wheel pose

There are four kinds of specific class themes such as Kundalini yoga, deep stretches, arm balance or inversion and back bend, we do them weekly in order. more details
クンダリーニヨガ、深いストレッチ、アームバランス/ インバージョン(逆転)、バックベンド(後屈)といった4つのクラステーマを週ごとに行います。詳細

Seasonal yoga event

English Yoga Studio in Tokyo, New York Style YOGA, Hanami picnic yoga in Yoyogi park お花見 ピクニック ヨガ 代々木公園

Sometimes we go out of the studio and do yoga and some activity together. Hanami-yoga in April and bounenkai-yoga in December!

After yoga

After bilingual Yoga Class in Tokyo Thai restaurant Puan in Shibuya バルプアン渋谷 ランチ

The studio is located in the center of downtown, so you can find any kind of diner such as Indian, Thai… We have lunch together sometimes. Hope you will find yoga friends here!

Yogis around the world

yoga students in the yoga studio in Shibuya, Tokyo

Through long period of organizing yoga classes in Tokyo, I’ve met many yogis from various countries such as US, Australia, Canada, Philippines, Singapore, Germany, France, China, Korea and India! Join the class if you are a yogi and temporarily visiting or new to Tokyo!

Testimonies from students

Australian guy オーストラリア人 男性

Mika’s class is physically challenging and very effective.

Japanese guy 日本人 男性

Mika’s Yoga is the best Yoga I have ever done. Can’t wait for the next class!!

American guy アメリカ人 男性

I’m a fan of Mika’s class. Her class goes a lot further than surface “Yoga”. The best!

Filipina フィリピン人 女性

I love Mika-san’s energetic and challenging yoga classes! They’re absolutely great for both the body and mind.

Filipina フィリピン人 女性

Ever since I started going to her classes regularly, I feel so much stronger, balanced, and centered.

Book a class

Yoga teacher adjusting her student, Mika is a yoga teacher based in Tokyo speaking English, leading bilingual group yoga classes in Shibuya
Inversion class / 逆転クラス
New students SPECIAL / 初回オファー


You might find New York Style Yoga class difficult especially the first time even if you are a seasoned yoga practitioner because of unfamiliar movements! Here’s a special offer for your first class! Please come to check the class!

Mika who is a yoga teacher based in Tokyo speaking English, leading bilingual group yoga classes in Shibuya
Preparation for pincha mayurasana / ピンチャマユラアサナに入るところ

My grateful yoga life

Meeting people through yoga and sharing what I’ve been learning from yoga is my life happiness! I’m looking forward to seeing you in the class!


Yoga studio in Tokyo with the teacher speaking English. You can take various kinds of yoga, vinyasa, kundalini, handstand, arm balance, backbend and deep stretch.